“Never Stop Believing, Learning, Understanding, and Evolving”

Blue App Development and Consulting

“Never Stop Believing, Learning, Understanding, and Evolving”

Blue App Development and Consulting

Application Development is our Specialty

Blue App Development and Consulting was founded to provide superior software ideation and development in order for small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals to bring an idea to life through software. Our portfolio comprises projects from enterprise level applications to entertainment and games.

Michael HardyFounder | Principal Lead App Developer

Our Programs provide you with Clarity

Blue App Development and Consulting identified that one of the shortcomings of most organizations that seek application development work is clarify so we’ve created programs that are aimed at creating as much clarity as possible so you fully understand the investment that you’re making.


We specialize in developing
mobile applications. 

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We provide ideation and new
venture services.  

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We provide consultation services for your
app idea. 

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We believe that we have the tools, talent,  insight, and vision to create the desired mobile application “experience” for our customers . It is this confidence that allows our brand to stand out and flourish.


We are constantly working to stay up to date with the latest programming languages & techniques, business practices, marketing strategies, and technology forecasts for continual company growth and development. We want your satisfaction to be a reflection of our hard, smart work.


We want to make sure that we fully understand your needs when developing your mobile application experience. We are creatives working to make MASTERPIECES! However, our vision is a shared vision with you. We want to make sure that we are meeting your needs with our services.


We understand that this is an ever-changing mobile application industry. What is en vogue today will be outdated tomorrow. We strive every day to evolve with the trends of the market and to stay ahead of the curve. We want to meet the needs of our customers today as well as a year from now.

What people say about Blue App Development and Consulting

Inspired Blue Solutions did an excellent job of creating our app. Inspired Blue created a user-friendly app. It was what our organization needed. They are very professional, creative, and efficient company. They are a joy to work with, and I would recommend them to anyone.

– Pastor Roderick Zak (RejoiceApp)


Let’s schedule some time to speak in detail about your app venture and ideas.