(2016) The object of the game is to repeat the sequence of animal sounds and calls via a series of taps. The sequences will continue to increase, so the user will have to be focused and remember the pattern. The app was targeted for children ages 2-5 but could be enjoyed by users of all ages. The graphics and sound effects needed to be light, bright, and age appropriate.


Create a single platform app (iOS) for both phone and tablet, that will accomplish the stated goal. Create app with simple interfaces such as:

  • Home
  • Game Play
  • Game Over

The app will be free with only one in-app purchase to remove the ads banner.


Inspired created custom graphics for the app and it was coding using the following additional iOS frameworks:

  • GameKit
  • StoreKit
  • SpriteKit
  • AdSupport


We were able to complete the project and deploy in Jun. 2016. We are currently looking to revamp the app in 2019/2020 with more robust features and multiplatform.

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