(2016) We wanted to get deeper into the game development spectrum ‘post-Match Barn’. With that thought in mind, we wanted to create a shooter game with simple controls, lots of power-ups, and increasing difficulty. The theme of space came into play as a ‘fun factor, so we decided to create ‘Meteor Fight’; an endless space-shooter packed with power-ups and lots of fun. 

We were also looking into creating a story around the app. The goal was to reuse the shooter portion of the game to facilitate the action sequences the main character would encounter in the game. The story portion was and still is under development but should not hinder the rollout of the app to the store. The app will be developed for iOS first with the Android release soon thereafter.


  • Create an endless shooter-style game with a space / sci-fi theme.
  • Incorporate in-app purchases for more power-ups
  • Incorporate social media sharing of high scores (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Create a story line around the action to give the app more depth and substance.


Written in Objective-C, we created the app incorporating the core elements stated previously. Aside from the standard UIKit framework for the view controllers and elements, here are some additional added frameworks added for the app:

  • FacebookSDK
  • GoogleMobileAds
  • SpriteKit
  • StoreKit

The core functionality was completed. However, the story mode is still under concept development.


We were able to complete the project and deploy in Oct. 2016. The app went through a few revisions and we are currently looking to revamp the app in 2019/2020 with more robust features, actual storyline, and multiplatform.

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