Our Portfolio

We take tremendous pride in creating amazing products for our Clients. Here are the products our team has created thus far:


Rejoice in the Lord Ministries in Apopka, FL was interested in introducing a mobile app to its members. Pastor Zak of Rejoice had specific requirements that he wanted to be implemented for the app:

  • Available for iOS and Android OS
  • Available on both phone and tablets
  • Stream the weekly sermons
  • Allow users to pay tithes and offerings
  • Calendar of events
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Tonk Fire

Inspired came up with an idea of putting a different ‘spin’ on playing the traditional card game ‘Tonk’ (reference). The goal of the implementation was to add a competitive, over-the-top spin on the card game, with inspiration from the popular arcade classic ‘NBA JAM’. Inspired wanted the app to incorporate elements such as ‘On-Fire’, when the user gets consecutive card scoring plays and ‘Cold Streaks’ when the user is not scoring on consecutive plays. The first iteration of the app will be ‘User vs. CPU’, with the idea of having other game play scenarios such as:

  • CPU vs CPU
  • Player vs. Player (local)
  • Player vs. Player (remote)
  • Tournament
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Match Barn

The object of the game is to repeat the sequence of animal sounds and calls via a series of taps. The sequences will continue to increase, so the user will have to be focused and remember the pattern. The app was targeted for children ages 2-5 but could be enjoyed by users of all ages. The graphics and sound effects needed to be light, bright, and age appropriate.

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Meteor Fight

We wanted to get deeper into the game development spectrum ‘post-Match Barn’. With that thought in mind, we wanted to create a shooter game with simple controls, lots of power-ups, and increasing difficulty. The theme of space came into play as a ‘fun factor, so we decided to create ‘Meteor Fight’; an endless space-shooter packed with power-ups and lots of fun. 

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Everybody Beefs

A former client originally approached us to create a platform to allow music artist, Internet comedians, and entertainers to help promote their brands to a large mobile market. The client realized that they would not be able to go against larger social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook, but they wanted to create a different type of platform for advertisement. The unique proposition was to create each artist as an in-game fighting character to compete against the other artist. Each character would have their own stage, fighting style, and special moves.

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Yard Stix

‘Akanbi Kreative’ (AK) approached us with an idea of creating a ‘Stickers’ based app that will represent the (9) organization of the National PanHellenic Council. The stickers had to be bright, clean with clear representation of the organizations. AK requested that these stickers are integrated as part of iMessage (iOS) app as an app extension.

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