(2012) Rejoice in the Lord Ministries in Apopka, FL was interested in introducing a mobile app to its members. Pastor Zak of Rejoice had specific requirements that he wanted to be implemented for the app:

  • Available for iOS and Android OS
  • Available on both phone and tablets
  • Stream the weekly sermons
  • Allow users to pay tithes and offerings
  • Calendar of events


Create a (2) phased rollout of the app, with the iOS version being deployed to the app store first followed by the Android version. Both versions would include the (3) core features and phone / tablet access.


iOS –

Using a Navigation Controller layout, each screen is placed in a tabbed view layout. In order to provide the sermons in the app, the sermon section of the Rejoice website contained a RSS feed link of the sermons. Using Google’s GDataXMLNode classes, Inspired was able to process the feed from the site into the app for sermon streaming. The feed was integrated into View Controller and Table View classes, which allowed the user to select any given available sermon. The ‘Tithes & Offerings’ and ‘Events’ page were reuse of the interfaces from the Rejoice website. The page URLs were incorporated into View Controller classes with Web View and Delegate classes.

Android –

The Android app was developed in a similar process as the iOS. A high-level difference is that the tabs utilized Android Fragment classes that were handled by the main application (Activity) class – RejoiceApp. The feed and events tabs utilized similar Web View classes, with reuse from the main site.


The iOS version was successfully released to the App Store on Sept. 2012 with the Android version being deployed in Nov. 2012. The app was well received by Rejoice and its members.

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