(2019) ‘Akanbi Kreative’ (AK) approached us with an idea of creating a ‘Stickers’ based app that will represent the (9) organization of the National PanHellenic Council. The stickers had to be bright, clean with clear representation of the organizations. AK requested that these stickers are integrated as part of iMessage (iOS) app as an app extension.


AK provided sticker sets for each of the organizations (60+ stickers per org) to be integrated into the project. Inspired will take these assets and create an iMessage sticker pack interface that allows the user to select which sticker set they would like to use in the iMessage application.


Created the app using Swift and iOS Message Extension (Messages) Framework. The concept is a retractable ‘drawer’ that contains all of the stickers. The app will display all of the org stickers, based on the orgs that are selected by the user. The stickers were added into a collection view grouped and organized using a property list (‘.plist’ file format). The data (image assets) were included as external folders organized in the property list as references. When the user selects the orgs for listing, the drawer auto sorts, removes the non-selected orgs, and displays the appropriate stickers.


The app is completing its last rounds of beta testing and will be in the Apple App Store in Sept. 2019.

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